This Modern Victorian Kitchen Remodel design is a “Storybrooke” fairytale, highlighting the client’s request for a modern Victorian kitchen, specifically in fanciful pink, green, white, with princess-like hardware and crystal knobs.  This remodel is also a sustainable kitchen with eco-friendly and energy efficient elements, without compromising successful and functional design. This fairytale design is juxtaposed with a modern, Victorian, Rococo style. The major challenge was to create a durable kitchen that would withstand the traffic of large dogs, cats. The kitchen’s new marble peninsula made the adjacent great room appear even larger.   Sustainable elements were incorporated with durable items suitable for large pets and cats such as faux vinyl and waterproof flooring.  Other sustainable elements are low-VOC paint, energy efficient refrigerator, non-rusting/oxidating and low-lead, and ADA-compliant sink and faucet used.  This kitchen is now the hub of the home and focal point for entertaining harmoniously. It evokes a clean, fun, pleasant atmosphere that transports the visitor back in time to a fairytale, as requested by the client.  Magical crystal and glass mosaic backsplash are featured with crown-like hardware for the cabinetry.  Obstacles overcome were the successful selection of color palette (complementary hues of pink, green and white) to complement the natural light, and repainting the existing oak wood cabinets despite difficulty of painting the oak grain pattern surface.

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